Band Without a Singer Wins Dream Summer Booking

Few bands get very far without a singer…

But one bunch of Sheffield musicians have proved the exception – and landed a dream summer booking despite having no frontman.

Then again it could be said that ROCKAOKE have actually got through around 7,000 singers during their 3 years touring British venues.

The band is a live karaoke act which encourages punters to get up on stage and sing the songs of their idols to a full live musical backing. Now the threesome have been invited to repeat the winning formula at the notorious Manumission nightclub on the holiday isle of Ibiza. “We are essentially a Sheffield rock band who, around three years ago, decided it would be fun to start doing shows without a singer,” said Jon Short. “We kick off each show, then rely on getting people up out of the audience to sing.”

“It sounds awfully cheesy I know, but it really is more about offering people a genuine and unique opportunity to get up and perform live with a professional rock band.”

“And, unlike karaoke, it seriously rocks!” The band is booked regularly at venues around the country, including a weekly residency at Sheffield’s Walkabout Aussie Bar on Carver Street.

But a few weeks ago they were called out of the blue by club millionaire Andy McKay, co-founder of Manumission, the Ibiza nightspot once famed for its live sex shows but now expanding the dance-dominated Ibiza scene by staging live rock bands.

By David Dunn – Sheffield Star