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Rock band karaoke is a totally interactive form of entertainment and ROCKAOKE are the UK’s original (some say best) live karaoke band…

the band…

…are all great musicians, who play well together and have a massive repertoire of songs. But just as importantly, ROCKAOKE have great enthusiasm for what they do and their skill is in making every event a totally memorable, rewarding and entertaining spectacle for participants and audience alike.

People talk about ROCKAOKE gigs for weeks afterwards, because they are engaged and involved and have photos/videos on their phones to prove it…! Consequently, the band are a big hit at staff parties/conferences, product launches and as part of experiential marketing campaigns.

“The band make you feel like a proper rockstar. They don’t make you sound like one but they make you feel like one.” – Chris Moyles

the essentials…

what we bring to the party

  • 136-HU1_6720A professional ROCK band! These are the guys who play the instruments. Generally guitar, bass and drums and occasionally keyboards. All really good musicians with an extraordinarily large repertoire of songs. And most importantly, all really nice guys who enjoy welcoming anyone on to the stage and making them feel like a ROCK Star!

  • 108-HU1_6673Fronting the show will be one of our amazingly and uniquely talented singer/MCs. Male or female, they are the perfect hybrid of a rock band singer/front person and a karaoke host. The perfect party starter – guaranteed to make you want to get out of your seat on to the dance floor and from there on to the ROCKAOKE stage! What’s more, they will of course sing lead/backing vocals as and when required. Try and stop them…!

  • rightWords

    We provide lyrics for all the songs, usually on iPad these days. Everyone knows how to use an iPad so they work really well. It’s not quite the same as karaoke where the words follow the music, because the band don’t play along to karaoke tracks – it’s all LIVE! So there is a bit of reading/swiping involved, but it’s straightforward enough and the band/MC are always on hand to help out.

    We can also link lyrics to big screens if you want to encourage audience participation at your events.

  • rightSongsheetWe bring song request sheets (which can be branded for your event) and pens. There are usually over 200 songs to choose from. People sign-up on the night by picking up a song request sheet, writing their name and selecting a song, and handing it in to the band / MC.

  • PA_organ_ManchesterTownHall

    We can supply a PA/lighting rig as appropriate for the venue if required, including all microphones, mic stands and sound equipment. Alternatively, for large scale events, we can work with you to source a good production/AV supplier. We have worked with some of the best in the business.

  • 3F5A3722

    Optionally, we can provide a DJ service to supply disco/background music when the band are not on stage. We can also DJ late into the night if required. Another option is “Silent Disco”; especially good in locations where late night noise is an issue – but it’s great fun in any case!

  • 174

    Optionally, we can arrange to provide a photographer and/or videographer to capture all the ROCK Star moments at your event. This can range from a simple framed instant photo presented to every singer as they leave the stage – to a full scale concert video production of the entire show.

It really is dead easy. ROCKAOKE are a rock band who invite members of the audience to sing with them. There is never a shortage of people keen to jump on stage and sing with a LIVE band.

Around 200 songs can be chosen from and lists are made available at Would-be participants are asked to provide their name(s) and select a song. When their turn comes, singers are invited to join the band onstage. Lyrics are provided on a screen but the music is “LIVE” – so no karaoke machines or bouncy balls 🙂

what songs do you play?

It’s not just rock music. We cover all genres and eras – from Abba to Arctic Monkeys – from Fleur East to Kanye West.

Click the image below to view an up to date song list.

do the words come up?

yes we have all song lyrics on screen

“…we provide the words, we provide the music.
All you have to do is SING…!”

do you want to book your own rockaoke night?

Please CONTACT US for more info and to enquire about hiring ROCKAOKE.

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