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rockaoke @ the marillion weekender 2015

Port Zelande, The Netherlands

greatest rockaoke video ever

PRETTY VACANT at the Marillion Weekender, Port Zélande on 23 March 2015.

Are you ready to go f****** mental!

We\’d been watching this guy in the audience all night. With his BritPop haircut and leather jacket we fancied he might be a bit of a rock star. And so it proved to be…!!!

From the moment he jumped on stage to sing PRETTY VACANT by the Sex Pistols, he was raring to go. Dan had to hold him back as he strained at the leash all the way through the intro. But as soon as we unleashed him with a count-in, he was off.

One of the greatest ROCKAOKE performers we\’ve ever had, captured here on video for you all to enjoy.

steve hogarth joins rockaoke on stage

Steve Hogarth playing \”Rock And Roll\”, \”I Saw Her Standing There\” and \”Hey Jude\” at Port Zélande on 23 March 2015

The highlight of ROCKAOKE at the Marillion Weekender was when the band\’s singer Steve Hogarth (\”H\”) got up on the Rockaoke stage at 1am on sunday morning to sing to his adoring fans. He performed 3 songs – Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.

We think he enjoyed it!!!

Make your own minds up – here\’s the video…

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