Commercial Radio’s Got Talent

85The perfect “X Factor” style event. Featuring competitors from rival commercial radio stations backed by the awesome ROCKAOKE.

Competitors from 8 rival commercial radio stations jumped on stage with ROCKAOKE @ Sound, Leicester Square for this “Commercial Radio’s Got Talent” event. The high-tech stage set, celebrity judges and host helped set the scene to create an unforgettable experience for both singers and audience alike. And for the band of course who had a great night, made a lot of new friends, ran up an immense drinks bill afterwards and made a very unfortunate rickshaw pilot take them back to their Kings Cross hotel.

Rock & Roll!

Songs ranged from Dolly Parton to Dakota, Stevie Wonder to Spice Girls. The winner sang (and played drums dressed as a gorilla) the very topical “In The Air Tonight”, which was featured on a popular Cadbury’s chocolate TV ad of the time.