OM crazy venues G! This is gonna be a right little winner!, as Danny would say.

After a slightly delayed start last night, due to Mat poncing around at a singing lesson, we managed to get on stage at about 8, full of pizza and topped up with Mojitos. What looked like being an intimate affair turned out to be a raucous free for all as the songs came in thick and fast.

Particular highlights included the one and only Roger Inocenti smashing the front and back doors out of Bon Jovi ( the bar tenders had to smother the glasses when he went awol on the top note near the end ). There was also a high voltage rendition of Don’t Stop Believing that nearly made me stop hearing ,and a very excited American contingent who stumbled upon us from their booth and got stuck into a bit of Blink 182.

Good news is that we think this night will be mega if the first one was owt to go by. It’s tough to find a good venue with cool staff and a ready flow of right minded peop’s to get on stage and have a smash, and Karaoke Box at Smithfields is definitely a goer. We just need to keep on telling the city folk that it’s there every other Wednesday and hopefully they’ll come down and help make it a cracker. There are even rumours of a Rockaoke themed Pizza being created especially! What dreams are made of…..I wonder if Kings of Leon have got their own pizza?

Until the next one…rock on!